At Nordstrom every employee has a role in innovation – keeping customers at the center of everything we do and designing solutions to deliver the best possible customer experience.

We believe it is important to listen to our customers and try to understand their needs, interests, and expectations. Having a focus on innovation that is closely connected to our front-line teams, as well as those designing, building and implementing our customer experiences will help us to meet customer’s evolving needs and expectations.

We are taking a purposeful approach to advance our ability to deliver customer experiences through our internal innovation. Our ambition is to make innovation a systematic approach, which will mix and match innovation types that focus on our customer experience, service, brand, and our channels.

As we refine our innovation capability across the company we are looking for a diverse group of individuals with a range of competencies, training and skills. If you have the ability to look through the lens of the customer in order to make strategic recommendations on how to improve, we want to hear from you.

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